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The relationship you have with your mother is the most intense, powerful relationship you you will ever have in your life. This relationship affects all of the relationships you go on to make in your life – with your partner, your husband, your siblings, your children, friends and work colleagues. So many times when relationships break down, they can be traced back to the Mother-Daughter relationship so I have developed a little quiz here for you to see if you need to look into this relationship further.

  Healing the life-long destructive relationship with my mother has changed my entire life so I urge you to take a look at this if you are suffering in anyway. Have a look at this assessment with an open and compassionate heart. It’s not a place for self-judgment or blame but rather for you to get a clearer picture of where you are with your relationships right now.   Be as honest as possible as you go through with it, adding up how many ring TRUE to you. Check your scores at the end to see where you are on your relationship journey.

Could this be you?

For years you have been trying so hard to fix the unhappy, painful, destructive relationship you have with your mother, failing time & time again? You are now left feeling totally unlovable and bereft and it is affecting your personal relationships, your work and your health?

How would your life look like if?

You realised that you were ENOUGH & that you don't NEED anything from your mother to feel whole and loveable yourself. By healing yourself alone you will be able to love and to be loved - what more does a woman want?
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