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Can you remember falling in love and those heady days of just wanting to be with that person, craving their affection and feeling that all over gorgeous warm, loving feeling? Let’s roll on a few years now into the relationship – has that initial gloss faded as everyday life sets in, has that initial lust been replaced by a deeper love or are things getting a little mundane?
Take the ‘Loving Spark Quiz’ to see just where you are in your relationship and you might just be doing yourself a favour to keep your relationship going for the long run. Have a look at this assessment with an open and compassionate heart. It’s not a place for self-judgment or blame but rather for you to get a clearer picture of where you are in your relationship right now. Be as honest as possible as you go through with it, adding up how many can you honestly say YES to. Check your scores at the end to see where you are on your relationship journey.

Let's put the sparkle back 

What if you could show your love & not hold back? Reignite the romance, share your experiences, create goals and dreams together all whilst enjoying a deep, loving friendship? 
Relationships are like a rollercoaster - embrace the ups and the downs and you're in for the long haul! 

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for him to change, for the spark to appear, for him to make the move, for things to just get better, for a miracle to happen? Well, guess what life doesn't work like that. We are the ones who create our happiness - it isn't out there.
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